Soccer kicks into gear!

Matt M, Nate C, Troy M, and Josue H-T

Soccer is in full swing, and everybody’s interested! Bailey Middle school is taking the field by storm, and we’re here to give you the full scoop on the world’s most popular sport. 

The Bailey Soccer Team is currently 2-1-7, with 2 games left in the season, with players like Nathan Charron (Center Midfield), Daniel Davis(Center back), and Pedro Furtado(Center Midfield). They play teams around Connecticut, as far as Cheshire, but they also have played North Haven, Amity, and many other teams. 

The Daily Bailey was able to get an interview from Nathan, the team captain. When asked who their toughest matchup was so far, Nathan said, “North Haven. They are better than us at all aspects of the game.” 

We also asked him how he felt about his team’s success, in which he replied, “I don’t feel great about the season right now. I had high hopes for the team and with a record holding only two wins, I can’t pretend I’m not disappointed.”

 There was no season last year due to COVID, so this is the team’s first time representing the school sports-wise. We asked Nathan what he thought about the whole school sports experience, and he responded, “I think it is a good experience, it opens you up to new opportunities in the sport with new people.” 

All in all, even if the soccer team hasn’t had the best season, we undoubtedly know that they had tons of fun, and improved even more, but the season ends when it ends! Good luck next year!