Clubs are back at Bailey

Students of Bailey Middle School are now able to browse and join clubs they are interested in. There are many clubs for students to join so they can try to find what clubs they would fit in the most. 

Bailey Middle School has had lots of clubs over the years but during quarantine students couldn’t do anything because they were stuck at home. Now that students are back, clubs and other things are starting to be brought back to school.

Clubs are a good thing to join because student clubs and organizations allow you to meet a variety of people, it also allows you to expand your knowledge and interests. It promotes personal growth by encouraging conversation and the exploration of various interests. Joining clubs is a way to have fun after school and gives students the chance to talk to other people who have something in common with them. 

Clubs have many activities and students get to pick what they are into. Every club will have different activities depending on what kind of club it is.  According to a student at Bailey, joining the Social Club might be fun because of “fun social activities and pizza.”

There will be a certain number of how many students a club can take but if one of the clubs you’re interested in has too many students you could always join next semester or find other clubs that you might be interested in because there are many clubs to pick from.