Some Bailey students wonder why they do not have gym everyday

Ehsanullah H and Juan Q P

Have you ever wanted to go to the gym all year round? Bailey students wonder if they should have a gym all year round and why having a gym class is important for middle school students.

According to a report by the New York Times, students who are physically active have improved problem-solving abilities, better working memory, and a general improvement in both reading and math scores. It has also improved attention and focus and, according to The Mental Health Benefits of Exercise, “physical exercise also helps the mind, as children will find they are able to think more clearly and are able to focus better in other classes following a physical education period.”

  Even scientists say that it’s important for kids to have a gym class because kids need  to get rid of the stress that comes with school. They need a place to burn off their excessive energy. Additionally, it is scientifically proven that the average amount of gym class time that students are given (45 minutes) is not nearly close to the amount of time that kids need. 

Some schools actually give kids a gym class for a whole year. For example, Milford Public Schools, some Texas public schools, and even a few Florida private schools are changing their schedules to include gym all year long.  

Bailey’s principal, Mr.Bohan, even said, “I would love you guys to have gym class everyday, but I don’t have the time or the resources to give [students] gym everyday.” 

Gym is important for students, but unfortunately it takes a lot of effort to implement the changes needed to have gym every day. If we had gym all year round we may need to increase time in our schools so that we can get the required amount of classes we need and it would put stress on the school district. Also, while some kids would love to have gym all year round, some students may not agree.