What’s So Amazing About YouTube?

Bailey teens share common interest in snazzy site

Numerous Bailey students admit that they watch YouTube often and believe it’s a great source of online entertainment.

YouTube, a website that allows viewers to watch shared videos, was created in 2005.

According to Emily Falanga, “YouTube provides information and entertainment. People are also able to create content for others to be inspired by and/or enjoy.” She added that YouTube can bring some viewers together.

“YouTube is great because you can share your opinions with people and connect,” explained Santino Segnatelli-Pagan.

“Either two people find the common interest in that video or YouTube,” Falanga said. “And people can listen to music on YouTube if they are unable to pay for fancy music apps like Spotify.”

Faisal Mobarak Zai also enjoys YouTube’s musical offerings. He said, “You can save videos and playlists of your favorite songs. Also, what I like about YouTube is that when you try to search for a video, it will show you in the search bar.”

Many teenage YouTube fans appreciate its ability to upload and post videos. Emmanuel Arroyo said that YouTube has almost everything you want to search for at the time.

“Whatever you like watching will more than likely be there,” Arroyo said. “There are people uploading videos for you to enjoy. YouTubers mostly upload daily, so you’re not left with nothing to watch.”

Sam Telesco likes to watch YouTube “how-to” videos, but she also appreciates the fact that she “can watch all kinds of stuff without having a billion apps on my phone just to watch them. I like YouTube because it can feature many channels and has a variety of different kinds of things,” Telesco stated.

In addition, YouTube helps Arroyo in certain situations when he needs an answer or a guide to something in particular. Jake Zabawar agreed with Arroyo and noted that he plays a lot of video games with his friends.

“There are a lot of gaming videos on YouTube,” Zabawar said. “If I am stuck on a level on the game I am playing, I can just go on YouTube and see how to beat it (the game). That is why I think YouTube is great.”

Segnatelli-Pagan believes that people of all ages “can learn so much from just a five-minute video.” He added that many people create their own videos and earn money by doing what they love.

“That includes gaming, reacting, tutorials, and more,” Segnatelli-Pagan said.

Amiyah Jones thinks that YouTube is a great app when it’s used in the right way. “It’s useful for a wide variety of people. There can be videos for anything that you’re into.” However, she stressed that YouTube administrators should be more strict on the platform.

“Bullying and drama can simply spread around the media” if posted on YouTube, said Jones. “Inappropriate content can also easily be uploaded when there’s a bunch of minors on the app.”

Fortunately, many teenagers have already discovered that YouTube is fun to watch and very entertaining, according to Zabawar.

“YouTube allows people to express creativity,” Falanga said. “It also opens people up to new hobbies and sports.”