Teens want soda to quench their thirst at school

Fizzy beverages considered a popular choice at Bailey

Although nutritionists claim that soda is not the best beverage for teens, various Bailey students prefer this soft drink instead of milk, juice, or water.

“Soda gives energy to kids,” said Amal Ibrahim. “It hydrates them and is good tasting.”

Muhammad Shoaib also believes that soda “can quench your thirst and give you more (beverage) choices.”

According to Iqra Alam, soda is a unique choice for students that can help them raise money for the school. “Soda is a fun treat for the students. It’s also a fun change to the drink menu,” Alam said.

Alexa Bower thinks that kids can sell soda for a school fundraiser and learn how to use money wisely. She added that the beverage encourages some students to taste different flavors of soda.

“Kids can try new things and feel more freedom,” Bower said. “Soda should be in school, so kids will feel awake and be ready to learn.”

Faisal Mobarak Zai agrees with Bower that a soda machine offers extra selections. “It gives students more choice in what beverage they drink,” he explained. “It makes people happier because they can drink soda in school.”

Students might like being at school more if they can drink enjoyable beverages there, Mobarak Zai said.

“Why not?” asked Manuel Robles. “Kids love soda. It is like juice, but with fizz. Teachers drink it, so why can’t we?”

Zenab Wasif said that she prefers one brand of soda called Sprite, which resembles bubbly water and settles an upset stomach. “Sodas are normally better than water and give a fresh taste,” she stated. “Personally, I would love it if soda was a choice in school.”

Without soda, students would be limited to milk, says Rafael Treat. “Some students may be allergic to dairy,” he noted.

Several newer brands of soda have zero calories, according to Jake Zabawar. However, kids might choose soda with sugar instead. Some kids think that “the sugar can help their minds work,” Zabawar said.

David Ramirez Guzman agreed with Zabawar’s claims about the benefits of soda. He said, “Soda makes kids focus better in class. The sugar keeps them awake, and it makes them feel better.”