Bailey kids weigh pros/cons of everyday fitness

Staying fit makes sense to teens

Many Bailey students agree that regular exercise benefits them, but some kids believe that gym doesn’t have to be an everyday class.

Rafael Treat thinks that teens should go to gym daily because it’s important for their health. “Most teens today aren’t very active because of technology,” he said. “You need to be active throughout the day.”

For some teens, staying fit for the future is the way to go. Tristan Robinson said, “If you don’t take care of your body, it’s going to be hard to function. Your bones are not going to be as healthy as they should.”

Anyone who takes gym class every day might have an easier time making healthy choices for his/her lifestyle, Jocelyn Otero said. She added, “Staying in shape can help students to work on their physique.”

According to Zenab Wasif, students should have the option to take gym class if it appeals to them. She noted, “Teens should only take gym if they want to take it. You shouldn’t be forced to do it. Forcing someone to do something doesn’t help them.”

While Iqra Alam agrees that students should not take gym class every day, she feels that exercise “could help you have a healthy life and body.” She pointed out that “having time to go outside and exercise is limited. Having time to exercise can help people mentally and physically.”

Exercise is good for everyone because it helps to manage stress, states Joslyn Jackson. “Kids need to have energy and strength. Exercise can actually be good for letting out your anger, and gym is a good place to think.”

David Ramirez Guzman recommends that young people exercise at a local gym if possible. Planet Fitness, located in Milford and Orange, is a gym that offers deals in the summer for teens.

“Teens these days just sit down with a phone or computer doing nothing, wasting all that energy,” Ramirez Guzman explained. “Having a better body shows people that you actually have discipline to keep your body as fit as it is. You have dedication to keep on staying fit, and you can show that you are better than (a person) sitting with a device all day.”

But not all parents see the advantages of gym class, said Arrionna Mills. “Some parents don’t want their kids to have gym because you can get hurt, or they just don’t feel that it’s needed.”

Mills stressed that her gym teacher in elementary school encouraged students to try different forms of exercise, like running. “I like gym because it’s fun. It takes my mind off things, but some people feel it’s boring or pointless.”

Occasional jogging can help kids stay healthy, says Chanel Madrid. She added that eating healthy foods is a smart choice for teens, too.

“Going to the gym every day is good, but it’ll get you very tired,” Madrid noted. “Once you get home, you’ll be sweaty, stinky, and very exhausted.”

Kaniya Gatison thinks that teens should not go to the gym every day at school. “Gym is known to be elective, not academic,” she explained. “Giving students gym five days a week could possibly make students resentful toward the gym and working out. This will cause conflict in the school system.”